Guess our dear, kind, tolerant friends on the Left didn’t like seeing what their Democrat policies actually cause up close and personal. They certainly didn’t like seeing them in Martha’s Vineyard, even though they call themselves a Sanctuary City. What a complete and total shiznit-show that was, and what an eye-opener for Independents to see who Democrats and the Left really are.

They are very generous with other people’s money.

They are very welcoming with other people’s communities.

But when it’s in their own backyard?

Not so much.

This thread is *chef’s kiss*:

Keep in mind, that Martha’s Vineyard only received 48 total illegal immigrants.

This is what life is like for people in southern border towns.

But it’s not 50, or even a hundred.

It’s thousands.

And on and on and on.

Martha’s Vineyard and other elitist Lefties are more than OK with southern border towns dealing with the southern border crisis because it’s not THEIR problem.

Until it WAS their problem … and again, just a minuscule number compared to what actual southern border towns see EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY.

And NOW they want to negotiate legislation about illegal immigration … NOW something needs to be done.

Especially now that the National Guard was brought in to DEAL WITH and remove those 48 illegal immigrants.

If Democrat policies weren’t hypocritical they’d have no policies at all.



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Facebook thread shows how Martha’s Vineyard residents REALLY felt about illegal immigrants in their community and WOW (screenshots)

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