White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre might be the most inept person in the entire administration. It’s not necessarily her fault. She’s been hired for a job she’s not qualified for by people too stupid to know what qualifications even are. Hell, the vice president was hired simply because she’s black and has a vagina–or what we used to be able to call a woman.

Well, because she’s so bad at her job, KJP often has severe brain buffering like yesterday. Today, however, when confronted with questions about the southern border, she didn’t so much as buffer as much as she just brain-dumped a bunch of figures. And while the figures she’s throwing out may be accurate, in a sense, the fundamental reasoning underlying those numbers completely escapes her, and when she fails to put two and two together, she gets very upset.

REPORTER: You don’t think this administration’s actions have made things worse at the border?

KJP: Nope. We’re sending back a record number of people.

REPORTER: Yeah, because a record number of people are coming over the open southern border.

KJP: Nope. We’re meeting a bunch and sending back a kinda bunch.

REPORTER: No, seriously, you don’t understand how your policies incentivize people to come across the border.

KJP: I literally just answered that question.

She is the worst. At least when we had the Chuckie doll behind the podium, she had a certain amount of skill for lying. KJP doesn’t even have that. It’s just… They’ve gotten lazy at this point. The White House sincerely believes the American people are just THAT stupid that they can send this hollow-headed diversity hire out, day in and day out, to simply shake her head and say basically whatever, and the American people will simply accept it.

I am so happy for the next two years… So, so very excited…………

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Unhinged Woman FREAKS OUT Over Illegal Immigration | Louder With

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