Woof, what a crazy day and a half it has been covering DeSantis sending 48 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. We’ve done so much pointing and laughing our faces and fingers are starting to hurt. That being said, we will ALWAYS find the energy to continue mocking the stupid and unhinged.

Like anyone and everyone claiming what DeSantis did was trafficking and/or KIDNAPPING.

No, seriously. We’re not making things up … Newsom said he was officially asking the DOJ to target and even charge DeSantis.

Good times.


Except no kidnapping or trafficking took place.

Reported by Fox News’ Bill Melugin:

Happy to make the trip.

Gosh, you don’t hear people who are being kidnapped or trafficked say they are happy to make the trip.

We get it, the Left is really in trouble with this one because their mask slipped when an elite, Left-leaning, rich community had to deal with the consequences of their own virtue signaling. You know these same people complaining about how mean this was to them were more than happy to call anyone and everyone in a southern border town asking for the feds to close the border racists and xenophobes. As long as it wasn’t in their backyard they were TOTALLY GOOD with illegal immigrants.

Until they weren’t.

And now they’ve already shipped them off from Martha’s Vineyard.

Or is it trafficking?

We’ll have to ask our pals on the Left.



Facebook thread shows how Martha’s Vineyard residents REALLY felt about illegal immigrants in their community and WOW (screenshots)

THIS! LOL! Tucker Carlson explains how Martha’s Vineyard was suffering soul-crushing effects of its own whiteness … so thanks DeSantis (watch)

‘Promises made, promises KEPT’: Christina Pushaw rubs salt in Democrat’s wounds over Martha’s Vineyard in MERCILESS receipt-filled thread


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