Those POOR illegal immigrants … being stuck in a crap-hole like Martha’s Vineyard. Whatever will they do?!

Yesterday, the woman who runs their local homeless shelter said they simply didn’t have room for those 48 illegal immigrants in the hundreds of summer homes and mansions that are currently sitting empty. Oh, woe is Martha’s Vineyard, how EVER will they deal with these four dozen TRAFFICKED people?

Wow, the Left has lost their ever-loving MINDS, and we owe it all to DeSantis. They were also pissed about the illegal immigrants who showed up at Kamala’s house yesterday (that was pretty damn hilarious) but DEATHSANTIS is the real problem. The real EVIL. This editor’s favorite part has been the Lefties pretending Martha’s Vineyard ISN’T an amazing vacation spot for the rich and famous.

What a joke.

Christina Pushaw really rubbed some salt in their wounds by REMINDING Democrat legislators wagging their fingers at DeSantis that THEY VOTED FOR THIS.

No really.

Take a look:


So does that mean those same Democrats are also involved in this so-called ‘human trafficking’?

America’s governor really is always one step ahead.

Ain’t it great?

Christine went on to humiliate Democrats individually in her thread.

So they didn’t read the budget? They didn’t see the context? What now?

Almost every Democrat in Florida voted for this.

Suck it up.


Note, anytime a Democrat says something is ‘complex’ or complicated, they are full of crap.


The last 24 hours have been delicious.

We hope DeSantis sends some illegal immigrants to Delaware next … or maybe to Biden’s beach house.



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Editor’s Note:


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