This report from Griff Jenkins on “Fox & Friends Saturday” is comprehensive, locked down, and unassailably devastating. With video, statistics, eyewitnesses and more, it utterly lays bare the Biden administration’s cruelty and callous endangerment of the people who the media claims to be so worried about.

Ron DeSantis sent 50 well-informed and prepared people to Martha’s Vineyard and they are basically trying to put him on trial for crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, the ACTUAL harm is being done by the guy the media is licking the feet of.

Migrants is the media’s new all-encompassing term, covering people still outside the U.S. but traveling to the border, people crossing the southern border illegally as well as legally, people at the border making asylum claims, and basically anyone coming into or toward the United States from the south seeking to enter by whatever method. So “migrant” covers all statuses. They do that so they don’t have to say “illegal” or make any distinction at all between illegals and just anyone who might seek citizenship by any means at all.

The downside for them is that it is a great way to point out that Biden making no distinction between legal and illegal, criminal and asylum-seeker, puts ALL of them at risk, no matter their status, intent, or method.

He’s endangering ALL coming to the Southern Border AND all people who live in American border towns AND the system at large.

You want to lump everyone together? Great! That only PROVES the point even more.

And proof is exactly what Griff Jenkins delivers in this incredible report.

Everyone should watch this or just parts of it. I hope clips go viral on social media.


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