The gig economy has opened up plenty of opportunities for people to go into business for themselves and make money doing what they love. Freelance writing, Uber driving, Grubhub delivery, and content creation can help people set their own hours to make a living or earn extra money. There are also some, well, adult ways to take advantage of the gig economy.

For those who don’t know, OnlyFans allows would-be adult video stars to create their own content and make money doing so. But it’s gotten one nursing home employee in trouble.

A young, umm, lady named Jaelynn works as a nurse at several nursing home facilities. The way she describes it, she freelances and takes shifts at four nursing homes near her. She also creates content for OnlyFans, and it’s that side gig that led one of her employees to fire her.

The New York Post reports that one of Jaelynn’s nursing home employers let her go because she was a “distraction” to other employees. These other employees were looking at Jaelynn’s social media while they were on the clock, gawking at her. Some of them also purchased some of Jaelynn’s OnlyFans videos and watched them at work.

The Post reports that Jaelynn questioned why she was losing her job and not the other employees. “She said that she can’t have that happening every time that I work so she has to let me go,” Jaelynn said, recounting that her boss pointed out that the “main reason for letting me go is because they need a job more than I do.”

Here’s Jaelynn’s announcement (LANGUAGE WARNING):

@playgirljaelynnn Like Is that even legal 😂 #fyp #healthcare ♬ original sound – Jaelyn ✨

I bet her parents are so proud.

So, what’s Jaelynn doing these days?

She’s a naughty nurse.

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Jaelynn said she had a follow-up meeting with the employer in order to have a written explanation for her attorney.

I’m no lawyer, nor am I an expert in employment law or human resources. But to me, it sounds like this employer probably has grounds to fire Jaelynn. Even one of the people who supported her in the comments had some qualifications.

“’That is 110% a lawsuit … no questions asked,’ one user wrote,” according to the Post. “’Unless it specifically says something in the code of conduct for that employer‘” (emphasis mine).

Another interesting factor of Jaelynn’s story is that she talks out of both sides of her mouth when it comes to the money she makes from her nursing work versus what she makes from OnlyFans.

At the beginning of the article, the Post reports that “Jaelynn explained that her main source of income is making OnlyFans content.” But later on, Jaelynn laments that she has to rely on nursing to supplement the money she makes from her videos.

“You never know what you’re going to make on OF,” the Post reports her saying. “One month you could make $600 and one month you could make $50,000 — it just really depends.”

That’s the gig life, sweetheart.

I don’t feel sorry for Jaelynn. She’s made the choice to make at least some money in an industry that can be a distraction to people in plenty of professional environments. I can’t help but want to say to Jaelynn: live by the adult video, die by the adult video.

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