The spectacle of the left’s reaction to a mere 50 “migrants” turning up in Martha’s Vineyard has to be the most satisfying since Nixon’s Christmas bombing of Hanoi in 1972. Just when you think liberal hypocrisy and virtue signaling can’t get any more obvious, two airplanes and a few buses show how easy it is to find more depths to it. I believe this is what some notable person called “winning,” and I’m not tired of it yet. I think I’ll do my part and send a relief package of Mike Lindell’s pillows up to the beleaguered residents of MV.

News item: Harvard hires Brian Stelter

Headlines of the week:

I have a suggestion.

Sharknado was a documentary!

Those who don’t get it will accuse you of ableism.

That’s his mom in the background.

And finally (from a reader). . .

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