Jake Tapper conducted a fake interview with New York City mayor Eric Adams on Sunday, during which he gave Adams almost unlimited, uninterrupted time to trash Gov. DeSantis and Gov. Abbott, allowed Adams to preposterously refuse to put any blame on Biden for the border, spoonfed Adams multiple chances to praise himself, and generally did what CNN always has done and will continue to do under Licht’s supposed new leadership: Propaganda for Democrats.

The whole interview is way too pathetic and stupid to clip, but here is the part where Tapper just prompts Adams to go ahead and attack the Republican governors for giving migrants free transportation to cities that invited them.

Adams says sending migrants to NYC is inhumane and that the governors are doing it to cover up their crimes of supporting the Second Amendment and protecting the lives of the unborn. Tapper just nods along satisfied.

No, I’m not blockquoting that mess. Elsewhere in the interview Tapper pretends to ask if Biden should do more about the border, which Adams then says no everyone BUT Biden should, and Tapper affirmatively agrees with that opinion, because that is how CNN people think journalism works.

Pathetic. Vent about this below.

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