Maria Bartiromo and Congressman Dr. Ronny Jackson exposed the latest truly bizarre behavior from Presidementia Biden and it really is just amazing that this stuff doesn’t ever bubble up on the news.

Did you know Biden was holding hands with Whitmer like a 5-year-old with his mom while she led him around the Detroit Auto Show to look at electric cars? And that he didn’t seem to understand the point and touted a gas-fueled car DURING the press questions?

I didn’t! And I watch the news! They don’t cover this obvious decline, even though they spent literally hours of TV time saying Trump was mentally unfit and even forced the administration to do a cognitive test!

The double standards are just incredible, but what’s worse than that is the fact that the guy with his finger on the nuclear button is like this:

It’s just insane how much the Democrats can get away with. There is literally no press accountability at all. We do not have a real press. The only people willing to hold Democrats accountable are shunned and mocked by the rest of the press in an attempt to shame them out of the marketplace.

This country is not in a good place. Discuss that – or anything else (within reason) – below.


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