Joe Biden finally did a one-on-one interview — and got the softball treatment from Scott Pelley. How did Pelley not follow up on Biden’s declaration about the end of the pandemic and the end of mask-wearing? Power Line’s Scott Johnson concurs:

I would be embarrassed to conduct an interview with the president that was as lame as Scott Pelley’s lovefest with President Biden on 60 Minutes last night. The Biden administration accorded Pelley a substantial amount of time to chat with Biden and Pelley returned the favor with a variety of softballs and dropped balls as well as his own apologetics — to no one’s surprise, of course, but still. It was an embarrassment.

CBS has posted the transcript here. NewsBusters covers the Biden segments in “State-Run TV: 60 Minutes Drools Over Biden in Syrupy Interview.”

The lack of follow-up questions was one striking feature of the interview. You’d almost think that Pelley himself doesn’t follow the news. He appears to be somewhat less knowledgeable than the average voter.

Even beyond that, however, Biden simply didn’t look or sound as though he was up to the task. He didn’t exactly get lost, but Biden clearly was making up ideas and policies as he went along, much to the consternation of the White House. What’s more, Biden’s elitist and snide remarks about the very real impact of inflation on American households — “It’s just an inch” — belies his fake Scranton Joe persona.

In other words, enjoy this while it lasts, because it may be a long while before Biden’s handlers put him out front again in a one-on-one interview, even with someone as gentle as Pelley.

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