New York City Mayor Eric Adams confirmed on Monday that a female illegal migrant committed suicide on Sunday in a city shelter. He promptly placed the blame squarely on Governor Abbott. He called it a man-made humanitarian crisis.

I’ll agree with the mayor, it is a man-made humanitarian crisis. However, the man who made it is Joe Biden, not Greg Abbott. Mayor Adams can’t rewrite history. Joe Biden ran for president and promised to undo everything that the previous administration did to secure the border with Mexico. He promised to freeze deportations of illegal immigrants already in the country. And he pledged to work toward blanket amnesty for illegal aliens. All of this was music to the ears of would-be migrants and they started coming to the border even before Joe Biden was sworn into office. They are still coming. In the first two years of the Biden administration, the U.S. in on track to apprehend about four million illegal migrants. It is, in fact, an humanitarian crisis. It’s also a national security crisis and a crisis of our nation’s sovereignty.

Here’s the thing – border states have been handling the Biden border crisis, mostly on their own. Texas and Arizona feel the weight of Team Biden’s negligence. (New Mexico also is having problems but to a much lesser degree, as its border is much shorter.) Texas taxpayers are on the hook for billions of dollars to fund border security. Time and time again, invitations to tour the border have been extended to Biden and Kamala Harris, yet the invitations go nowhere. Many Republicans in Congress have come to tour the border with Border Patrol agents, yet very few Democrats bother to do so. Mayor Adams didn’t have the nerve to take Governor Abbott up on an invitation to tour the border and see firsthand the chaos and humanitarian crisis. Instead, he sent city officials in his place.

In Texas parlance, Adams is all hat and no cattle.

Adams had a lot to say about the woman whom he identified as an asylum-seeker and a mother, though it is against the law for the city to share any information about her at this time, he said. Then he started pointing his finger at Abbott “and others.”

“The thousands of asylum seekers we have seen arrive in our city came to this country seeking a better life,” Adams, a Democrat, said in the statement Monday, confirming her death. “Sadly though, yesterday, an asylum seeker in one of our facilities took her own life. Our hearts break for this young woman and any loved ones she may have, and we, as a city, mourn her. This tragedy is a reminder that we have an obligation to do everything in our power to help those in need.”

“Among other services available at the Asylum Seeker Resource Navigation Center is mental health care,” Adams added. “I encourage all asylum seekers who need mental health support to utilize these services, and anyone in our city struggling with anxiety, depression, or mental health challenges of any kind to call 888-NYC-WELL. We are here for you.”

At a press conference, Adams said he could not go into detail about the “mother” who lost her life before placing the blame on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott – not city employees.

“This is not a failure of those men and women, those city employees who have stayed up late at night, been at the bus station and navigated,” Adams said. “They are hardworking civil servants.”

“The failure was the governors that sent people on a multi-day bus ride without proper food, without medical care, without the basic necessities,” Adams said. “That’s the failure. And we didn’t fail in this city. This city is helping people.”

“I think the governor of Texas and others are at fault for creating this man-made humanitarian crisis,” he added.

Adams is spreading lies just like the other mayors of sanctuary cities who receive migrant buses. The illegal migrants are all asked where they want to go and sign consent forms when they are released by Border Patrol agents. Guess what? Most of them say they want to go to New York City. The buses are well-equipped with pallets of water bottles, food, and supplies to make the illegal migrants comfortable on their trip. No one is “tricked” or forced to board a bus. The passengers are happy for free transportation to wherever it is they want to go.

Governor Abbott is not to blame for the unfortunate death of the woman in the NYC shelter. Adams runs a sanctuary city and has been assuring the public that the city would take care of the illegal migrants. This falls on the Adams’ administration and their failure to diagnose and treat the woman for mental health issues. If Democrat-run cities are going to virtue-signal about being sanctuary cities and providing whatever care illegal migrants need, then they should be held accountable for failures. The City of New York failed this woman.

Adams’ agenda is clear. He is using the migrant bus issue to criticize red states in an election year. Adams appeared on two Sunday morning shows. He talked about the buses and about Governor DeSantis sending two planes to Martha’s Vineyard. He went on to refer to these actions as distractions away from “erosions of basic human rights.” He specifically mentioned abortion and guns. In a third interview, he mentioned that NYC is considering legal action against Governor Abbott. Sound familiar? That’s because that is what the liberal hypocrites in Martha’s Vineyard are doing against Governor DeSantis.

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