One can say with confidence that the Left has had a pretty poor 48 hours. Let’s start with Joe Biden’s 60 Minutes interview, which Andrew Malcolm and I tackle in depth on today’s podcast. The surprise declaration by Biden that “the pandemic is over” caught his allies by surprise, both inside and outside the White House. I argued in my VIP column this afternoon that normally progressive Leana Wen is correct as well as Biden — the pandemic is over both scientifically and culturally, but also politically. And so is the authoritarianism that Biden and his allies want desperately to continue.

With that aside, the 60 Minutes interview was a disaster for both Biden and CBS News. Scott Pelley had the golden opportunity of getting the first significant on-camera interview with Biden since he told George Stephanpoulos thirteen months earlier that he wouldn’t leave any Americans behind in Afghanistan. What did Pelley do with it? Offered up softballs, especially with his “Republicans pounce” framing of Hunter Biden’s legal woes and utter lack of follow-up on Biden’s masking remarks. Biden flopped as well, especially with his “inch” answer on inflation, which could have been his second-worst interview response other than the answer to Stephanopoulos. Andrew and I spend some time dissecting that as well.

Plus, I review the top stories of the morning on the latest episode of The Ed Morrissey Show podcast, especially the way Don Lemon got depantsed on his reparations question last night. I also covered the latest in Ukraine, and other hot topics.

Today’s show features:

  • Andrew Malcolm joins us for Tuesdays with Andrew! The Prince of Twitter and discuss all of the hot political stories of the day.
  • Had enough of all things royal? Andrew Malcolm has, although not so much as to ignore Joe Biden’s embarrassing faux pas at the queen’s funeral.
  • We focus more on the embarrassing interview on 60 Minutes, which should shame both sides of that show. Scott Pelley tossed softballs, including “Republicans pounce” approach to Hunter’s legal problems … and Biden didn’t even manage to make contact on those.
  • Plus, what are the “weird echoes of ‘1984’” in Joe Biden’s 2022?
  • Plus, a look at this morning’s top stories!

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