Conservative firebrands of all stripes converged on The Woodlands this weekend to speak at the Texas Youth Summit, an annual event put together for the purpose of educating young Republicans on “fiscal responsibility, the free market, limited government and American Exceptionalism.”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz were among the high-profile figures to address the crowd at Grace Woodlands Church on Saturday, but the winner for most memorable remark from the summit likely goes to Marjorie Taylor Greene, who punctuated her speech with a thought experiment and/or ersatz comedy routine waxing about the potential use of slave labor in powering electric airplanes.

Footage of the bizarre moment was posted to TikTok by user @mamasissiesays. During her remarks, Greene brought up a recent purchase of electric-hybrid airplanes made by Air Canada and the alternative power jokes it has spawned in her camp.

@mamasissiesays Coverage from the Texas Youth Summit and just a hunch but she may not understand how electrical energy works ?” #mtg #marjorietaylorgreene #tx #politics #politicalhumor #politicalsatire #comedy #georgia #gop #republican #ifounditontwitter #thingsifoundontwitter #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – Casey

“Air Canada, get this, has ordered 30 electric airplanes. Yeah, electric airplanes. How ’bout that?” Greene said. “It shouldn’t surprise you. Look who’s president of Canada…I mean, Justin Trudeau, right?”

“So we were joking around and talking ‘How is there an electric airplane and what does that look like?'” Greene continued. “So we were just making fun and thinking about, remember back a long time ago when you see movies and people in those slave ships and they’re down there and they’re rowing, and they’re being whipped to row?”

“We were saying, ‘How are they going to keep powering these electric airplanes?'” Greene asked. “‘Is it like a spin class in a tube, and they’ve got everybody riding spin cycles and then this mean nasty airline stewardess that forced you to wear masks all the time on the planes…are they going to be forcing you to spin the plane?'”

It’s unclear how Greene’s hypothetical landed with her audience inside the church, but commenters replying to @mamasassiesays’ TikTok mostly had questions after watching the footage. A sampling of their inquiries:

  • “Why do they hate technology” — @user6360458129332
  • “Did she say Justin Trudeau was the “president” of Canada? !?!” — @Shhh it’s Howie
  • “Batteries… how do they work?! — @Red Bearded Cat Dad
  • “Is she… trying to do stand up?” — @CamelsCrafts

Greene’s remarks capped a busy week for the congresswoman, which included, among other things, submitting articles of impeachment against U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and tweeting a video of herself appearing to kick a young gun reform activist in the back of the legs while walking down a sidewalk in Washington, D.C. 

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