Jesse Watters wants to know who’s running the show.

During his Monday night broadcast, Fox News’ Jesse Watters blasted President  Joe Biden’s 60 Minutes interview, saying he looked totally unprepared. Watch the clip above. Excerpts below.

JESSE WATTERS: Is it me or do you guys get the feeling that Joe Biden is not really the president? Who is this unnamed “U.S. official”? Is he the president? Joe Biden is the commander-in-chief. He’s supposed to set foreign policy, but when he goes out there and sets it, there’s someone else behind the curtain saying, “No, no, no, no, no, no. That’s not really what our policy is.” What? 

That answer tells me it’s not even up to Biden whether he runs again. Someone’s going to tell Joe if he’s running or not running, and he’s just going to do whatever they tell him. Remember, Jill Biden doesn’t even know if Joe is running and they sleep together. 

Obviously, both of them haven’t been told. Maybe it’s the unnamed U.S. official who will tell them. At this rate, Joe Biden can’t announce he’s running for re-election and the White House is probably going to walk it back and say, “Official U.S. policy concerning the Biden campaign remains unchanged.” 

More over at Fox News:

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