LOS ANGELES, CA — As part of ongoing celebrations for Latinx Heritage Month, millions of revelers gathered to remember that day just a few years ago when someone made up the word “Latinx” out of thin air.

“Our history as members of the Latinx community is long and rich,” said Alejandro Diego Armando Manchego De La Mundo, chairman of the Latinx Historic Foundation of Anaheim in a press release for the celebration. “Even the name ‘Latinx’ has a deep heritage that reaches back all the way to, like, 2019.”

Some people have raised questions as to why Hispanic people can’t go back to being identified by actual terms rather than a word that someone likely used by mistake but felt too embarrassed to correct themselves. “We suspect the first person who used it just made a typo, but we’re not entirely sure,” said Alethia Sidewinder, Professor of Made-Up Words at Stanford. “But we’re making up new words every day now that can mean anything we want them to be, with no scientific or logical basis behind them.”

Many segments of the general population are still unsure of using the word or even how to pronounce it, with some people thinking it’s Marvel’s new team of Hispanic X-men and others thinking it’s pronounced “Lah-tinks.”

At publishing time, celebrations were set to continue across the country despite any confusion regarding the name, including the Jill Biden Breakfast Taco Bash to be hosted by the First Lady at the White House.

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