We all know Mitch McConnell, he’s often a thorn in the side to the Left and sometimes the Right as well. This week, The New Republic proposed the idea that he may regret not appointing Merrick Garland to The Supreme Court because of the ‘backlash’ to the SCOTUS’ decision on abortion, and the actual backlash they got in return was awesome!

If you followed politics for more than a minute you know that Mitch McConnell plans every move in advance and most importantly, he regrets nothing.

McConnell did NOT make the Dobbs decision that sent abortion back to the states, SCOTUS did. And the decision has shown little to no ‘backlash’, plus it is something the conservative moment has fought toward for years! If he played even a small part in that, what is there to regret?

Answer: NOTHING.

We did indeed dodge a bullet and the fact that there were probably not 60 votes for Garland to be confirmed in the first place is a pesky little detail the Left never addresses.

Pelosi is on the opposite side of the aisle but has a very similar process to McConnell. They both run long games and never apologize. No matter which way you look at it, Obamacare was considered a BIG WIN on the left, just as helping produce the current SCOTUS is should be a win for McConnell.

Keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House is a huge accomplishment. We aren’t sure that full credit should be given to McConnell, but we do agree that he helped.

Without Harry Reid (D) removing the judicial filibuster, the SCOTUS appointments, the left is so angry about probably would not have happened. They like to forget that pesky little fact as well.

Most media don’t understand the conservative movement and they simply don’t care. The narrative is the abortion ruling was bad and conservatives are EVIL fascists. That will continue to be the narrative no matter what information is placed before them.

We know that it can sometimes get annoying and depressing watching the media cover only one side of things, but keep living your life, keep poking fun at the insanity, keep reading Twitchy, and keep living like Mitch: WITH NO REGRETS.


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