Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ national profile continues to grow, with the most recent growth spurt being due to his willingness to play hardball and force proponents of sanctuary cities to put their money where their mouths are on illegal immigration.

Well, when DeSantis started doing this, he wasn’t counting on MSNBC host, super sleuth, and all-around genius Mehdi Hasan getting involved. But Mehdi Hasan got involved. Oh, you’d better believe he got involved. He dug up a bombshell that should not only stop DeSantis’ re-election campaign in its tracks, but should put an end to DeSantis’ suspected political ambitions.

Brace yourselves, folks:

Wow. Consider yourself busted, Ron DeSantis!


Ooo … extra-double-super busted, Ron! Nice one, Mehdi. You really got him, and you definitely don’t come off looking like a self-righteously indignant bonehead who’s feverishly grasping at straws, albeit a self-righteously indignant bonehead who’s feverishly grasping at straws and convincing other self-righteously indignant boneheads who are feverishly grasping at straws that they should take you seriously.

Down, Rex. Heel. This isn’t the slam-dunk you and Mehdi think it is.

Mehdi never got to that. Weird!

If this is the best oppo Mehdi at all have on Ron DeSantis, DeSantis should be juuuuust fine.

Of course, it’s a safe bet that they’re they’re going to keep trying to take him down. Because, you know, he’s Ron DeSantis.

That’s effectively what this all boils down to: MSNBC doesn’t like Ron DeSantis. But is there anyone out there who genuinely likes Mehdi Hasan?

Definitely all three.


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