Boy oh boy, DeSantis, Ducey, and Abbott really blew up the Left’s narrative about how our country should be welcoming to illegal immigrants and that anyone who opposes them coming over our southern border is a xenophobic racist. That’s what we think they’re really angry about. Not that DeSantis sent 48 people to a luxury island or Abbott sent dozens to Kamala Harris’ front yard – they’re not angry about the people.

They’re angry because the narrative has been broken.

So they’re working overtime to pretend these governors are kidnapping and trafficking illegal immigrants … meanwhile ignoring the fact that the Biden administration has been doing this very same thing for months now. AG Hamilton was good enough to explain it to the media very s-l-o-w-l-y in a thread:

Maybe the media will get it if AG breaks out the puppets and crayons.

Awww, so promising illegal immigrants a bunch of free stuff is actually dangerous … who’da thunk?

The Leftists and Democrats complaining about their poor blue cities not being able to handle dozens of illegal immigrants when our southern border handles thousands is very telling indeed. They are very generous with other people’s money and communities.

There’s the key.

The feds are doing NOTHING to fix the situation.

But by GAWD they moved those 48 illegal immigrants from Martha’s Vineyard within 44 hours. Yup.

It’s about a political narrative that frames the people who actually have to deal with this situation every day as villains by the same people who freaked out when a few dozen showed up in their blue communities.

That’s the issue, that’s the story.

Now imagine if the media actually bothered to report THAT.



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