Grab a snack and get comfy because this thread is super long but totally worth it.

And of course, the thread is long (epic even) because she’s talking about how violent our pals on the Left are.

This is something else:

And it is indeed a journey.

OH YEAH, a Leftist bombed the Senate.

Was that an attack on our Democracy?



Nope, not a Republican.

Funny how this works.

Seeing a trend yet?

So many Leftists.

So much violence.

So little time.

But you know, TRUMP.

And they mocked the president being taken to the bunker.


Read that again.

The GOP has allowed constituents to have their civil rights violated all so Liz Cheney can get a media job.

The people who dared walk into the Capitol after they were let in are still either sitting in jail or waiting to go to jail.

Way to go, GOP.

Notice you’re not seeing much about this poor young man’s death.


They’re still attacking the vet who was murdered that day – her name is trending on Twitter as we write.

Or they think they’re too good to acknowledge or deal with it.


Ding ding freakin’ ding.

But wait, there’s more.

Yes, sadly we do get the picture.



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‘While y’all play drag, we’ll defend the country’: Vet explains why NOBODY wants to join today’s military in brutally HONEST thread


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