Former congresswoman and one-time presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is asking good agents within the Federal Bureau of Investigation to stand up to superiors who are abusing power. Gabbard’s comments come in the wake of numerous reports highlighting the DOJ’s efforts to crack down on whistleblowers.

…and in some cases, punishing them outright.

“It’s time for all good FBI agents to stand against any superior who’s abusing their power to target political opponents. Follow Friend’s example who put aside self-interest for our democracy. Every FBI/law enforcement officer’s loyalty must be to the Constitution/American ppl,” Gabbard tweeted.

The former congresswoman then shared a New York Post op-ed from Miranda Devine entitled FBI hero paying the price for exposing unjust ‘persecution’ of conservative Americans.

From The New York Post:

Bombshell allegations by FBI Special Agent Steve Friend contained in a whistleblower complaint filed late Wednesday with the Department of Justice inspector general reveal a politicized Washington, DC, FBI field office cooking the books to exaggerate the threat of domestic terrorism, and ­using an “overzealous” January 6 ­investigation to harass conservative Americans and violate their constitutional rights.

Friend, 37, a respected 12-year veteran of the FBI and a SWAT team member, was suspended Monday, stripped of his gun and badge, and escorted out of the FBI field office in Daytona Beach, Fla., after complaining to his supervisors about the violations.

He was declared absent without leave last month for refusing to participate in SWAT raids that he believed violated FBI policy and were a use of excessive force against Jan. 6 ­subjects accused of misdemeanor ­offenses.

This American hero, the father of two small children, has blown up his “dream career” because he could not live with his conscience if he continued to be part of what he sees as the unjust persecution of conservative Americans.

Read more over at The New York Post:

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