Fact checkers should be reveling in the glory of opportunities presented by the Biden Administration, “should” being the operative word. Once again President Joe Biden appears to have misspoken into the microphone, touting that the average price of gas has dipped below $2.99 per gallon in 41 states.

Also in DC, he claims. When was the last time the pudding cup preezy made a purchase at the pump exactly? In fact, Mr. President, not a single state is enjoying gas prices under $3.00 per gallon.

Even notoriously Left leaning media like CNN was forced to correct the record in this instance.

Yes, even the White House had to correct this particularly obviously inaccurate statement.

How does this happen when the man is carefully prepped and reading from a teleprompter at every public appearance?

It could be just a matter of knowing what year it is, though it is getting harder to recall a time when gas prices were that low.

Considering the President has no bearing on gas prices, until it becomes beneficial for polling purposes, knowing the actual cost of gasoline for the common American citizen isn’t really all that important.

Once again, the narrative is far more important than the fact for the DNC. It is very important for the public perception to be that Biden is doing everything in is excessive power to bring gas prices down. Regardless of why they increased or what is likely to happen after the midterms.

If only a certain face of the Democrat party could quit rambling the occasional unauthorized truth.

Regardless of actual gas prices and how they compare to previous administrations or how said prices may be temporarily manipulated, the POTUS Twitter account is on top of the all-important midterm election narrative with a consistent message:

That’s right folks, we are well on our way to the utopian promised land as long as everyone buys into the propaganda and votes blue in the midterms. Just don’t think about it too much and you will receive everything you are entitled to (and we aren’t talking about lower gas prices).


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