Former President Donald Trump’s rallies are legendary, and Friday night’s rally in Wilmington, N.C., was no exception. Tens of thousands of loyal supporters turned out for the event, and they witnessed the former president draw his verbal sword and slay his political opponents, such as New York Attorney General Letitia James.

He was on fire, and he was especially laser-focused on James, who earlier in the week announced a civil lawsuit against Trump and members of his family. James’ suit claims Trump and his organization have routinely inflated the actual value of the company’s assets to obtain larger and more favorable bank loans.

Trump not only mentioned James’ lawsuit, which he and others believe is purely politically motivated, but Trump also attacked James with a term usually used against him — ridiculously — by his enemies on the left, calling her a “racist.”

“There’s no better example of the left’s chilling obsession with targeting political opponents than the baseless, abusive, and depraved lawsuit against me, my family, my company, by the racist attorney general of New York State. Leticia ‘Peekaboo’ James,” Trump told the North Carolina rally crowd Friday night.

The 45th president called James a “raging maniac” who he says has had it out for him for years. Trump referenced several videos that resurfaced in recent days of James clearly indicating that her primary goal if elected as the New York AG was to hamstring Trump, no matter the cost.

“This raging maniac campaigned for office ranting and raving about her goal, her only goal was we gotta get Donald Trump, we’re gonna get him — she knew nothing about me, I never heard of her,” Trump continued.

Trump added, “In fact, I was watching it and I said, boy, that woman’s angry, I don’t think she likes me too much. All without having any evidence, she knew nothing about me. Before she had even begun her phony investigation, she went around boasting her plan to weaponize her office against me. Probably working with the federal government, of course.”

Here’s a compilation of James’ past statements that prove, without a doubt, her intent to dedicate her career to going after Trump:

At the rally, Trump demanded a DOJ investigation into James’ prosecutorial conduct. He added that he believes she should be “removed from office, immediately disbarred, and banished from the legal profession forever.”

Trump’s attack run on James echoed some of his messages published on his Truth Social account in recent days. In one post, he acknowledged James’ political opponent, Michael Henry, and even tossed him an endorsement.

“Michael Henry is leading soft (very) on violent crime racist A.G. Letitia “Peekaboo” James in the polls. He is tough on crime – A real crime fighter. She is incompetent and weak in fighting violence, has already given up. People are fleeing New York State! Vote for Crime Fighter Michael Henry for Attorney General – Unlike inept Letitia James, who has failed us so badly, Michael Henry will never let you down!!!” Trump wrote.

Another message read, “Murder, Rape, and Drugs are totally out of control-There has never been a more dangerous time than this. She is grossly incompetent, her staff knows it, and so does everyone else. MAKE NEW YORK SAFE AGAIN!!!”

Trump closed Friday night’s “Save America” rally with a powerful, 8-minute message during which he warned Americans of the dark and scary times this country is currently experiencing under President Joe Biden, thanks to his failed policies. Trump went as far as suggesting that Biden’s cognitive decline could wind up pushing the USA into a World War III situation. Yikes.

If you have the time and missed it on Friday night, his rally speech closer in the video below is well worth the watch. His closing message is dark and frightening, but it’s the reality we currently face. Hopefully, the message serves as a reminder of how critically important it is to get to the polls this November to vote.

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