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Editor’s Note: The article below by S.D. Wells is great and important, but if you only have 15 minutes, please go to the video below. It talks about the future (and current) state of artificial intelligence. This isn’t “conspiracy theory” fodder. It’s an unfortunate reality that we’re facing as a species today.

It used to be that most Americans were mainly brainwashed into buying specific products and services by watching television, reading the newspaper, noticing billboards, and seeing films. Propaganda was a front-loaded “machine” that was quite linear in its approach to influence buying motives of consumers. With the invention of the internet and social media, everything changed.

The consumption of news, products, services, lifestyles, pornography, and now most medical “choices” are made online, after “consuming” artificial intelligence. This is how technology has been created and disseminated to chronically DAMAGE humanity, and it’s happening like a tsunami engulfs a coastline, every day.

Machine learning regulates nearly everything users see in front of them online, often in unethical, harmful ways

An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm regulates the content chosen to be placed in front of user’s eyes specifically to influence their purchases of products, services, and information, based on what they talk about, type about, and search for using smart devices. Ever just talk to a friend about anything, then minutes later an ad pops up on your smart device, selling exactly what you just talked about? That’s AI. Smart devices are almost always RECORDING, whether or not you have the camera, microphone, or app “open” or “live.”

For example, Facebook’s AI software analyzes videos, stories, photos, and even memes, then gathers together ‘recommendations’ for you. Add in some key misinformation and suddenly you find yourself buying what Fakebook told you to buy, and believing what Fakebook calls news.

Google search engine uses AI to guide everyone AWAY from any information about natural health and AWAY from any information that exposes prescription medications and vaccines as the dangerous, experimental mediums they really are. Google blocks, bans, censors and bankrupts people, businesses and organizations that do not support the communist narrative that attempts to control all Americans’ lives and livelihoods.

Social media, mRNA and twisted, sick living thanks to the evil uses of AI

AI dominates the social media landscape, have no illusions. Fake friends, fake followers, fake idols, fake news and fake trends “run” all the thinking of today’s youth, millenials and even adults who see and hear what they “want” to see and hear, because they are influenced by the false ‘gods’ of tech. With thinking comes action, and with action comes the adoption of the sick and twisted “services” of the AI-created world of social media. Bots and more bots tell the social-media-addicted world exactly what and how to think.

The CDC, FDA, DHS, NSA and the FBI categorize all that data too. All online “users” are moderated by fake news in order to control your thoughts and actions, in a very unhealthy way. For example, the Covid pandemic was created, controlled and spread via the internet in a far greater way than it ever was physically manifested in the real world. AI made it a sickness of the mind, more than the body, first. This way key to having people think they were “choosing” to wear a mask, social distance, isolate, get vaccinated and visit the hospital (a place to die) if they “caught” the Fauci Flu.

The most evil “technology” ever besieged upon the human race may just be mRNA technology. mRNA is a form of artificial intelligence that tricks your cells by entering them Trojan-horse style and then changing their manufacturing instructions, forever. With mRNA, cells produce toxic protein prions that clog the vascular system, damaging the heart, brain, CNS and immune system all in “one shot” (pun intended).

By the way, mRNA is nothing new; in fact, this form of AI has been worked on by scientists for decades prior to the Wuhan flu ever being released. Robert Malone is a key pioneer of this landmark “experiment,” and he blew the whistle on everything about it this year. He’s on the record talking about how mRNA AI is permanently damaging children. mRNA has a tangled history that Malone has told the world about, and now the truth is getting out, despite the censorship. Now hundreds of millions of people around the world are suffering the health detriment of the deadly mRNA jabs.

Do your own research and don’t use Google. Try the search engine Brave BETA and get more truth news and real information. Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

Now check out this amazing video about the good and bad sides of artificial intelligence:

Sources for this article include:

Will America-First News Outlets Make it to 2023?

Things are looking grim for conservative and populist news sites.

There’s something happening behind the scenes at several popular conservative news outlets. 2021 was bad, but 2022 is proving to be disastrous for news sites that aren’t “playing ball” with the corporate media narrative. It’s being said that advertisers are cracking down, forcing some of the biggest ad networks like Google and Yahoo to pull their inventory from conservative outlets. This has had two major effects. First, it has cooled most conservative outlets from discussing “taboo” topics like Pandemic Panic Theater, voter fraud, or The Great Reset. Second, it has isolated those ad networks that aren’t playing ball.

Certain topics are anathema for most ad networks. Speaking out against vaccines or vaccine mandates is a certain path to being demonetized. Highlighting voter fraud in the 2020 and future elections is another instant advertising death penalty. Throw in truthful stories about climate change hysteria, Critical Race Theory, and the border crisis and it’s easy to understand how difficult it is for America-First news outlets to spread the facts, share conservative opinions, and still pay the bills.

Without naming names, I have been told of several news outlets who have been forced to either consolidate with larger organizations or who have backed down on covering certain topics out of fear of being “canceled” by the ad networks. I get it. This is a business for many of us and it’s not very profitable. Those of us who do this for a living are often barely squeaking by, so loss of additional revenue can often mean being forced to make cuts. That means not being able to cover the topics properly. Its a Catch-22: Tell the truth and lose the money necessary to keep telling the truth, or avoid the truth and make enough money to survive. Those who have chosen survival simply aren’t able to spread the truth properly.

We will never avoid the truth. The Lord will provide if it is His will. Our job is simply to share the facts, spread the Gospel, and educate as many Americans as possible while exposing the forces of evil.

To those who have the means, we ask that you please donate. We have options available now, but there is no telling when those options will cancel us. We have our GivingFuel page. There have been many who have been canceled by PayPal, but for now it’s still an option. Your generosity is what keeps these sites running and allows us to get the truth to the masses. We’ve had great success in growing but we know we can do more with your assistance.

Thank you, and God Bless!

JD Rucker

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