Chuck Todd raised the question on Meet the Press of whether Republicans would hold an impeachment vote against President Biden if they took over the House in the midterm elections. Leftists were enraged that Todd would raise the question without asking Mace why they would impeach.

Allow us to help you understand, liberals: Chuck Todd is one of you.

Yes, it seems like an obvious question to ask, but Todd can’t fathom any reason for impeaching Biden, so he didn’t bother to ask. His entire line of questioning was designed to paint a picture of extreme Republicans taking the House and launching a bogus impeachment process. The Left is just too blinded by the type of attack they expect from a JOURNALIST to recognize a friendly. Congratulations, your bias has ruined journalism. LOL.

To make his position even more clear, when Mace states that there are certainly Republicans who want to have an impeachment vote, Todd interjects with a surprised ‘Wow!’

The ire directed at Chuck Todd, however, was fierce. It also gives us plenty of amusement to share with you.

He gets paid to say what they tell him to. You should understand this, Dad. We’re sorry you’re upset with Chuck Todd’s inaccurate reporting. He works for NBC News, by the way.

It looks like Olbermann is making a play for Chuck Todd’s job here.

See above. He’s on your team.

That would be really bad if impeachment became a tool of political vengeance.

Just so you know, this Wortman guy has called for Clarence Thomas to be impeached. Nobody can give us a valid reason why Clarence Thomas should be impeached. It’s almost like they’re hypocrites.

She mad. We’re only including her tweet because it’s funny to remember that she started the #HottieAvenatti trend. LOL.

We sorta remember saying a few years ago that there was a danger of normalizing impeachment. How do you like your creation?

At least someone was capable of parsing the English language and recognized that Chuck Todd was carrying water for Democrats, just not in a manner that satisfied rabid leftists.

Welcome to the club! We’re glad you folks finally caught up. Political journalism has been failing us for a long time.

Yeah, we know they just mean they’re not liberal enough.

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