As Scott has noted, this year’s election offers a real opportunity to end Keith Ellison’s disgraceful career in public life. In fact, the most recent poll shows Republican challenger Jim Schultz with a narrow lead over Ellison for Attorney General.

I think all of Minnesota’s statewide races will go down to the wire this year. As always, the Democrats have a huge cash advantage. Political insiders say that Governor Tim Walz’s re-election campaign will out-spend Republican challenger Scott Jensen by ten to one. The disparity won’t be as bad in the Attorney General race, but there is no question that Ellison, funded by the far Left, has far more financial resources than Schultz.

Jim can win, but he needs your support. Here are some reasons why I ask you to seriously consider donating to his campaign:

* Ellison is a national leader of the defund the police movement. He backed the failed charter amendment in Minneapolis that would have effectively disestablished the Minneapolis Police Department. Ellison’s defeat will be a major setback for the Left’s anti-law enforcement movement.

* Minnesota is a deeply troubled state. One of its virtues is that it has always been a low crime state, but now Minnesota’s serious crime rate is higher than the national average. Keith Ellison has zero interest in law enforcement. In fact, during his tenure the AG’s office has thrown the book at precisely two criminal defendants: police officers Derek Chauvin and Kim Potter. Minnesota needs your help!

* Schultz has a real opportunity to make history here. If he wins, he will be Minnesota’s first Republican Attorney General in 56 years and the first Republican statewide office holder since 2006.

* Jim Schultz is a political outsider. He grew up in rural Minnesota (a town of 186) and graduated from Harvard Law School. His experience is entirely in the private sector. He came forward to challenge Ellison because Minnesota desperately needs change.

* I know Jim personally and can assure you that he is an excellent candidate, a man of high integrity who is eminently worthy of your support. Let’s take this opportunity to send Keith Ellison to the sidelines and elect a real Attorney General.

If you want to help Jim Schultz, you can donate to his campaign here.

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