We’re not total experts on politics in Italy, but after the national election in that country, one thing has become apparent: New Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni terrifies the establishment.

Meloni is Italy’s first-ever female Prime Minister, meanwhile the media narrative is totally focused on that fact. Wait, no it isn’t. Meloni isn’t on board with the leftist globalist agenda, and so we get angles like this one from CNN:

“Most right-wing government since WWII”? Gee, what connection are they trying to make with that? Here’s what CNN wants everybody to think that means:

The @POTUS account made a “trains run on time” claim on Twitter but we don’t remember CNN or anybody else rolling out the Mussolini comparisons:

Actress Ellen Barkin is another one taking the election results from Italy in stride, except she opted for a Hitler comparison:

Additionally, The Atlantic was having another normal one:

Meanwhile, lefties and media comparing Meloni to Mussolini were applauding this:

The “freedom is fascism” crowd never fails to deliver.

To “progressives” it’s totally horrifying. Anybody who stands in the way of the Left’s push for total control of everything is a grave threat.




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