We went through Luke Zaleski’s timeline and WOOF, this guy is obsessed with Trump. That’s what we’re starting to notice, the people who hate him tweet way more about him than the people who like him. It’s as if their entire world centers around this one person they don’t even like.

And that can’t be healthy, ya’ know?

Take for example this MAGA glossary he put together – we suppose being obsessed with MAGA counts as being obsessed with Trump.

He thought this was clever:

You know what makes this really pathetic is these are arguments he’s made in his head around people he doesn’t bother to actually engage. Does he really think people believe being pro-life is killing women?

Just insane.

We can’t decide if we should start feeling sorry for people like Luke or just point and laugh.

Eh, point and laugh.

This is Twitchy, after all.

C’mon, what do you expect? It’s not like they’re biologists!



Hot mess.

It all works.

Wait, he posted this more than once?


Talk about TDS on steroids.



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