In case you missed it, Italy’s got a new prime minister in Georgia Meloni, and she’s — gasp! — on the Right. Not the far-Right, mind you, but she might as well be. At least if you ask all the liberals who have suddenly become experts in Italian politics.

And, as an aspiring far-Right dictator, Meloni is basically the lady version of Benito Mussolini, that infamous far-Right Italian dictator. At least that’s what The Experts™ are saying now.

Well, if you can believe it, The Experts™ have missed the mark on this one. By about a million miles. Or kilometers, if they prefer. Either way, they’re wrong about Georgia Meloni being “Italy’s most far-Right prime minister since Mussolini,” because (a) it’s not really accurate to characterize Meloni as “far-Right,” and (b) Benito Mussolini wasn’t far-Right, either.

Tom Elliott’s got a great thread this morning to remind any of the liberals out there who are invoking Mussolini in order to stir up fear about Meloni that Mussolini was a dedicated and avowed Man of the Left — and the American Left loved him for it.

Expect to hear that argument often in the coming days from leftists trying to paint Meloni as the spawn of Mussolini.

Not exactly far-Right, is it?


And that’s still happening, all these years later.

“Liberal Fascism” should be a fixture in every home library in America, if we’re being honest.

A lot of those things sound like they could be part of the modern progressive platform. Oh, wait. They are parts of the modern progressive platform.

And modern progressives are either ignorant about that or they actively choose to ignore it.

They can rewrite history all they’d like (seems to be a very popular thing to do on the Left), but that doesn’t actually change the history.


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