Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar actually suggested on MSNBC this morning that voting for Democrats in the midterms will help stop hurricanes.


Here’s what she said:

“If the Republicans take charge a number of them have been talking about an abortion ban… That’s why we’ve got to win this midterm.

We just did something about climate change for the first time in decades. That’s why we’ve got to win this, as that hurricane bears down on Florida. We got to win in the midterms.”

It’s really amazing the absurdity that Democrats will spew in the name of winning elections. A hurricane is a weather event and isn’t going to be stopped by anything Democrats do in the Senate or House. They could ban all oil and gas in this country and burden Americans with very expensive green energy and the hurricanes would still come and do damage. The whole world could go completely green and the hurricanes would still come.

Because going green does nothing but make people poorer and,let’s be honest, deader, especially when they can’t heat their homes in the winter and keep cool in the summer.

As an aside, that photo above is a photo of Ian from this morning. The idea that voting for Democrats could stop that is laughable.

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