This will be a short post because frankly, nobody comments on Juan Williams’ posts, no matter how badly they deserve to be ratio’d. Williams is rooting for former presidential candidate Evan McMullin in Utah over incumbent Republican Sen. Mike Lee. We find it impossible to get excited over McMullin, but Williams wants us to think of him as Luke Skywalker and “the rut of polarized, do-nothing, two-party politics” being the Empire’s starship.

Williams actually chose that as the pull-quote from his piece in The Hill called, “An odd race in Utah gives hope to the nation.”

Gives hope to the nation? Seriously?

What takes it beyond strange to significant is that a McMullin win potentially opens a new way for politicians to get out of the rut of polarized, do-nothing, two-party politics.

Think of McMullin as Luke Skywalker, the rebel pilot in Star Wars, trying to blow up the Empire’s starship.

Last year, 62 percent of voters told Gallup they want a third-party alternative to the Republicans and Democrats. Those numbers mean McMullin is an underdog in the right place at the right time to benefit from widespread discontent.

In other words, to continue the Star Wars analogy, a lot of people well beyond Utah’s corners are hoping “The Force” is with McMullin.

Insert all of the “cringe” GIFs here. Help us, Evan McMullin … you’re our only hope … against “a far-right Trump sycophant in this deep-red state.”

Williams literally ends his piece, “Go, Evan, Go!”

But McMullin is a lifelong Republican who’s decided not to run as one. And even Democrats support him (as they’re not running a candidate of their own). And he even has one Republican senator — Mitt Romney! — cheering for him.


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