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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Dermott would often disappear into the woods for days at a time bringing nothing but a Swiss Army knife, a picture of Val Kilmer, and a box of Hostess Ding Dongs.

I vividly remember some conversations with a couple of my colleagues two or three years ago. We’d had an uptick in trans and drag stories then and I was a bit weirded out by the frequency of them.

Those were slow news days compared to the flood of trans/drag/whatever stories we see now.

I need to know what changed. Was there always this much drag show action around school kids and they were just better at hiding it or did the Dems all go off of their meds at once?

The stories get more disturbing all the time too, as if they’re deliberately trying to reach new lows.

Lincoln wrote about something yesterday that’s a real head shaker:

Yes, that was a child stroking the crotch of a drag queen, who does not seem to have a problem with it at all. The video’s poster said that it was taken Saturday at the Chattanooga Pride Youth Day at Wanderlinger Brewing Company. I had to watch the video a few times just to make sure I was seeing what I hoped I wasn’t seeing. I really wanted it to not be what it was so I could tell the editors I was canceling the story. But I am sorry to say, it is exactly what it appears to be.

There’s an “ick” factor there that we haven’t seen before. Lincoln posted the video, but I decided just to take his word for it.

It is virtually impossible to get inside the heads of parents who take their kids to events like this. These kids are barely at Dr. Seuss age, exactly how are their young minds going to be grown or expanded by a drag performance? What is going on here?!?!? Lincoln has some choice thoughts on the parents in the post.

I really don’t care how many different kinds of phobias the left wants to accuse me of, this kind of thing will never be OK. We keep hitting them with sunlight and exposure, but it feels like we’re not making progress in stopping this lunacy.

There has been a lot of focus on keeping the trans/drag madness away from schools, and there has been some success there. The battle to purge the woke types from school boards rages on and some ground has been gained.

Evidently, we need a bigger line in the sand than we previously thought. Pride events used to be mostly just parades in June. Now we’ve got a woke craft brewing company exposing kids to both drag queens and alcohol.

Family fun ain’t what it used to be.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

Is it Tuesday already?

We are going to start off with a couple of notes about Trump. The first is from Peter:

Mr. Kruiser,

I enjoy your 9am email daily, but allow me this:  PresidentTrump’s favorable/unfavorable is very bad for him right now.  I do think he’s being persecuted by the Left and its unprecedented and outrageous – sadly, it’s also having some effect.  I think a lot of Republicans (those w/o TDS) are ready to move on and are looking to Gov. DeSantis.

The one thing about Trump running in 2024 is that the election will then become a referendum about him and give the Democrats a little cover for their ongoing trainwreck. Yes, DeSantis is another great option — we really do have an embarrassment of riches in the GOP right now, while the Democrats’ cupboard is overflowing with mediocrity.

I’ll happily vote for either and laugh watching the Dems struggle with their clown car.

Next up is Bob, who hails from my humble desert:

Trump had me when he came down the escalator and told us what he wanted to do for the USA.  Yes, he’s imperfect, but he has the nerve to say what most conservatives are thinking. In general, folks from New York City are a bit (a lot?) on the rude side. Add to that Trump is from feisty Queens, and a developer who has had to deal with crooked unions and politicians to complete his projects all these years.

It amazes me that Trump and his family have had the resilience to stand up to the constant barrage from democrats in their effort to eliminate him from politics and, if possible, put him behind bars.

My wife and I are still MAGA Trump people and look forward to him running and winning again in 2024.

My favorite thing about Trump’s presidency was that he has almost no filter. I love watching him speak. The fact that his shoot-from-the-lip style so infuriates Democrats is an added — and quite entertaining — bonus. When I’m pondering Trump and/or DeSantis for 20204, I can’t help but think how much fun it would be to see Trump triggering the Dems every day from the campaign trail.

It’s gonna be a heck of a ride.

This is from Jim in Texas:

H’lo Steven,Reading your Morning Briefing and pondering one email comment you mentioned concerning Trader Joes.

I have become enamored of the typical Hawaiian Aloha shirt, and have rid my wardrobe of most anything which could be called ‘office.’  Yuck!  Yup, I look like a refugee from a Jimmy Buffett video or concert. ‘Nuff with the backstory.

I have often considered going up to the ‘big city’ just north of us, and standing inside one of the Trader Joe’s stores which are found in the ‘wealthier’ side of town, just to mess with the minds of customers who come in to shop.  Yes, it’s evil; but it seems like so – much – dang – FUN!

Fly that freak flag, Jimbo. This seems like harmless fun. And you can load up on reasonably priced booze for the trip home. WIN/WIN!

We’ll finish with a quick note from Dave:


Would Jerrold also be a Milley Vanilli (you know, the guy who tries to lip synch General words) apologist with nothing in his stomach but a healthy serving of Red Mountain’s finest?

I’m not really sure where Dave was going with that but I’m going to assume it’s code about day drinking. I didn’t think that a quick mention of Milli Vanilli would spark so much conversation but my Twitter mentions were lit up with it for a while on Friday. I feared an earworm of epic proportions. Thankfully, I was spared that.

Keep writing, my friends! Let’s get the mailbag bursting for Friday!

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