The video here comes from The Recount, which has proved to be reliably biased toward progressive causes. Virginia Democrats are using the footage of student walkouts to prove that Gov. Glenn Youngkin “messed with the wrong generation.” ABC News notes that “student activists held school walkouts across Virginia on Tuesday to protest Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s proposed changes to the state’s guidance on transgender student policies, revisions that would roll back some accommodations.”

“We decided to hold these walkouts as kind of a way to … disrupt schools and essentially have students be aware of what’s going on,” Natasha Sanghvi, a northern Virginia high school senior and member of the Pride Liberation Project who helped organize the resistance effort, told The Associated Press.

Sanghvi said the existing, more permissive state policies, which were adopted under former Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s administration, had been powerful in helping students feel affirmed in their identities at school. The new ones made public earlier this month, she said, have the potential to harm “every single queer student in the state of Virginia.”

Youngkin did choose the right generation to mess with, because they’re too young to vote, they’re short-sighted, and like sheep, will walk out of school for any reason.

Did we learn nothing from the walking joke that is David Hogg?

God forbid they miss science class, where they’re learning that the doctor makes a guess at a baby’s sex when it’s born and sometimes gets it wrong.

We’re sure these students were facing terrible repercussions if they walked out while the teacher was leading gender studies class. So brave.


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