While we do enjoy mocking Vice President Kamala Harris, it’s ultimately difficult to not be humbled by the fact that this woman is only a heartbeat away from being the Leader of the Free World.

Seriously, guys, this is scary. And hella depressing:

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese speaks English and probably still couldn’t make heads or tails of what Kamala was saying.

Anyone else feel like they had a stroke listening to that? Or at the very least some kind of acid trip?

Harris is in Japan to represent the U.S. at the state funeral for assassinated former PM Shinzo Abe. She’s representing the U.S. She is. Kamala Harris is.

Joe Biden is inarticulate and incoherent in his own right, of course, but at least some of that can be attributed to senility. What’s Kamala Harris’ excuse? This woman is the effing Vice President of the United States and has a chronic condition in which she is helplessly to stop her brain from pulling random words and tossing them into a salad that she dishes up on the national and international stages.

And we will much about that be committed.

Maybe Kamala Harris should be committed.



Kamala Harris dazzles with yet another of her trademark dazzling pearls of wiseness and wisdom


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