Billboard Chris shares the label of “stochastic terrorist” with Libs of TikTok, Matt Walsh, and Christopher Rufo because he’s riling up his followers with “transphobic” posts. Today he’s sharing a post from a Reddit group for females who are de-transitioning. This one is by a 17-year-old girl who hates her voice now; “In my worse moments, all I want to do is tear out my vocal cords and be done with it.” She says she’d been on testosterone for two years and has only now managed to get off the hormones.

To those “gender-affirming” doctors, it always seems as if not being the correct gender is what’s causing the depression and suicidal thoughts — that’s why they have to rush in with the hormones and puberty blockers (and even “top surgery”) … to prevent the child from killing themselves. But what if it goes the other direction? What if a child’s depression and suicidal thoughts lead them to believe they’re the wrong sex, and if they transition, they’ll be cured? But that’s transphobic.

Note, of course, that President Joe Biden shot a video for Transgender Day of Visibility but was awfully quiet on Detrans Awareness Day.

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The Department of Health and Human Services put out a statement Tuesday expressing their commitment to “gender-affirming care” as quickly as possible and denouncing those other harmful and cruel approaches.


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