As we told you, Joe Biden went looking for Rep. Jackie Walorski at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health today, having evidently already forgotten that Walorski died early last month in a car crash.

A number of people pointed out that a video tribute to Walorski, who had been co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus, had played at the conference, making it extra awkward that the president wouldn’t realize that Walorski was dead (we say extra awkward because Joe Biden — or someone writing on his behalf — had also released a statement following Walorski’s death).

Well, Yahoo! News Senior White House Correspondent Alexander Nazaryan would just like to set the record straight as far as that video is concerned:

And that makes it better because … why, exactly? Joe Biden was still scanning the room for a dead congresswoman who obviously would not be there.

Why wasn’t that in your pool report, Alexander? Seems like kind of an important detail, particularly since the video was brought up to point out how weird it was that Joe Biden would think that Jackie Walorski is still alive.

He said she was supposed to be there, Alexander. We all heard him.

Also, who the hell cares if the press pool was on site? The press pool isn’t the issue here; Joe Biden’s dementia is.


Have you ever tried not being a complete hack, Alexander? Give it a whirl. You might find you like it, or at least that it gets you a little bit of respect.

Right now, the best you can hope for is a ratio.



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