After beginning with a few unflattering comments about President Biden’s stewardship of US energy production—”Recession fears grow as he (Biden) continues suppressing America’s energy independence.”—the article posted in (WTP) makes incisive points about Prime Minister Truss’ plans for future production of Great Britain’s energy resources.

The WTP article stated: “But the newly installed U.K. prime minister is learning that the best way to lead is to do the opposite of Joe Biden. Because she just lifted a ban that will propel the country to the top.”

WTP published that the government of the United Kingdom ended its fracking ban in a push to bolster the nation’s energy security, according to a Thursday announcement.

Eliminating Russia’s ability to influence or, indeed, dictate, Great Britain’s energy security is the core of Truss’ strategy. WTP alleges: “The strategy Russia severed natural gas flow through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline earlier this month in an apparent retaliation against Western Europe for supporting Ukraine. As other countries impose energy consumption restrictions upon their citizens while continuing to prioritize green energy commitments, British Prime Minister Liz Truss has pushed for higher fossil fuel production and set the goal of becoming a net exporter of energy by 2040.”

In a statement this past Wednesday during a speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Truss emphasized: “We are cutting off the toxic power and pipelines from authoritarian regimes and strengthening our energy resilience.” Truss elaborated, referencing her own nuclear option:  “We will ensure we cannot be coerced or harmed by the reckless actions of rogue actors abroad. We will transition to a future based on renewable and nuclear energy while ensuring that the gas used during that transition is from reliable sources including our own North Sea production.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The calculation is straightforward: dilute Putin’s power by producing its own energy. Truss made it clear she will not let “radical environmentalists” hold Great Britain’s energy security as a hostage. As stated by WTP, “The United Kingdom can’t afford to sit back and let Russia strangle its energy supply.” Truss will not follow the direction of the European Union or of the United States.

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