Most comment sections of conservative websites have several posters who note that the Biden administration and the Left, in general, are deliberately trying to push conservatives into doing something violent. They contend that from the infamous Red Speech to the arrest of Mark Houck and a myriad of other events, the Left is doing everything it can to get someone to finally commit an overt act of violence or, for that matter, anything that could be construed as such. And I think they may have a point. Leftists will take every opportunity to portray themselves as victims and conservatives as aggressors. And since most Leftists have the potential to react to conflict like a bull elephant in musth, the potential for an encounter to go wrong is greater than it has been in a long while, like maybe forever.

Things got a little hot this past weekend in Katy, Texas. The Blaze reports that the First Christian Church, which is a part of the Disciples of Christ, held an all-ages drag event to support minors who are trans or thinking about becoming so. There was bingo. Not a fan of bingo, but hey, spend your time as you see fit. There was also a drag show afterward, but it should be noted that it was for adults only. The whole event was a fundraiser for the church’s “Transparent Closet,” which provides clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup for anyone wanting to transition.

Well, I guess if it is a Transparent Closet, there’s no need to come out of it. (Sorry, I couldn’t let that one get by.)

While a good time was had by all inside the church, outside the church was a different scene. Rebecca Clark of the County Citizens Defending Freedom gathered with the Proud Boys and members of other churches. On the other side of the street stood the supporters, including members of Antifa dressed in the traditional black with their faces covered. Both sides were armed, and police stayed in the middle of the street to keep the peace. Clark commented, “We are done tolerating the exploitation and sexualization of our children in this country,” Another protestor stated, “Drag queens and children don’t mix. These events are happening in your backyard. Stand up and raise a respectful ruckus.”

If someone had lost their cool on either side, I think we all know who would have been to blame. And I think we all know who would have had a visit from federal law enforcement agencies. It would have been portrayed as the Battle of Lexington and Concord, and we all know who would be cast as the redcoats. It’s not fair, and it’s not right, but the Left has the wind at its back at the moment and can do no wrong.

Yes, the Left can loot, burn, run a speaker off of a college campus, beat, and even kill people with impunity. But if conservatives do anything, such as suggest that a man cannot be a woman, the following ensues:

And of course, the media and our would-be leaders are all too happy to enable this behavior. And no quarter will be given. The New York Times recently made the almost-fatal mistake of publishing an article about underage people who regretted transitioning and took it in the teeth. The Times was swiftly reminded that only the approved narrative can be published in the “Paper of Record.” Across the pond, Kevin Lister, a math teacher in Swindon, England recently lost his job. The crime? Lister refused to call a female student a male without first talking to her parents. Lister told the Daily Mail, “I wanted at least to make sure that my student had parental support and was making an informed decision. As a parent myself, I would have been furious if my child had taken this step and I hadn’t been told anything.” But the vice principal of his school had also informed him that he degraded a student by pointing in class and had shown insensitivity by writing a female name on the board in his classroom.

While I have to wonder at times if many of the perpetrators of this nonsense such as the incident in England are just trying to stay out of trouble or appear compliant (blink twice if you are being held against your will). But the truth is, whether they are true believers or not, they know that they have to be enforcers.

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So where does that leave us?

I understand your frustration, and it is shared by many. At PJ Media, we read your comments and emails, and we get it. It’s easy to feel like a modern-day Gilgamesh, searching for Utnapishtim, the Far Distant, to learn why man must suffer and die. Or more to the point, the Old Testament prophet Habakkuk, who cried out to God:

“How long, O Lord, must I cry for help
and you do not listen?
Or cry out to you, ‘Violence!’
and you do not intervene?
  Why do you let me see iniquity?
why do you simply gaze at evil?
Destruction and violence are before me;
there is strife and discord.
  This is why the law is numb
and justice never comes,
For the wicked surround the just;
this is why justice comes forth perverted.”

Of course, God’s reply to Habakkuk is not what he had hoped for. Justice will come, but it will not be easy, pretty, or cheap. How long, O Lord, indeed. How long will children be dismembered in the womb, or their bodies and souls perverted? How long will billionaires and politicians corrupt policy, energy, and justice and continue to profit? How long will the races be manipulated to hate one another? How long will men call good evil and evil good? I do not have an answer, and those questions are permanent components of my morning and evening prayers. I do believe that to answer the Left’s violence and lies with violence of our own will be fruitless. But it will lower us to the level of the Left, and nullify the point made in Genesis that man is made in God’s image. The Left has abandoned God for magick, witchcraft, perversion, the lusts of the flesh, and the mentality of animals. Let us not be as they are. When God will decide enough is enough is not for us to know. But in the meantime, let us do as Habakkuk did:

“I will take my stand and keep watch. I will take my place on the tower. And I will keep watch to see what the Lord will say, and how I should answer when He speaks strong words to me.”

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