Joe Biden may not have managed to find Jackie yesterday, but at least he found his way to a Democratic Governor’s Association event last night, where he spent some time talking about threats to democracy. Not just in the United States — where, as you know, it’s under constant attack — but also abroad. Like in Italy, for example:

And what, pray tell, is happening in Italy?

Last time we checked, Italy was still a democracy. The Italian people still had a voice, and they used it to elect Giorgia Meloni.

What Joe Biden is saying — just like everything else he says — makes no sense. And in this case, it’s also toxic.

Maybe Joe should make himself the diplomat for plants and animals and let somebody else take over as POTUS. No, not Kamala Harris; somebody who isn’t a complete dolt. Because what we’ve got now just isn’t working. Biden clearly lacks a fundamental misunderstanding of what democracy means — and of politics in general — both here and around the world.

We wouldn’t hold our breath if we were you.

What’s Italian for “the adults are back in charge”?



Bravissimo: YouTube yanks conservative Italian PM Giorgia Meloni’s viral 2019 speech — and ends up totally proving her point


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