We always have to brace ourselves whenever we see someone post a video of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because we know we’re in for a hot take. We’re not sure if this is new (it likely is, considering she’s discussing restrictions on abortion), but AOC says that abortion is closely tied to the class struggle. Here, we thought companies were offering to pay for employees’ abortions so they could be back on the job the next day rather than take six weeks or more of paid maternity leave — isn’t that what a greedy capitalist would do? But instead, AOC thinks that forcing poor women to give birth makes them “conscripted” to work a second or third job against their will.

And that’s the heart of it — if it’s not wanted, it’s not a baby but a clump of cells. That’s why they sent out talking points to the pro-abortion crowd telling them to use “unexpected pregnancies” instead of “unwanted pregnancies.”

It’s crazy but there are ways to prevent pregnancy even with no money. Maybe AOC should talk to her constituents about how babies are made.


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