Whoopi Goldberg defended Biden today for his dementia lapse yesterday, where he was looking for a dead congresswoman and asking if she was there.


This is what I hate about these partisan clucking hens. They can find every excuse in the book to defend Biden because he’s their president.

But you heard Joy Behar claim, in defense of Biden, that Trump forgot Frederick Douglas was dead. Which isn’t true at all. Trump simply said, when he was president, that “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.” He didn’t go roaming the halls looking for Douglas or ask if he was here, as Biden did yesterday. He simply used the wrong verb tense.

If Trump had done what Biden did, these leftists would have mocked him for it just like they mocked him for his comment about Douglas. They never would have excused it so easily as Whoopi did and they would have made a big deal about his mental state. Late night would have made jokes about it and there would be umpteen trillion articles about it in the garbage media, question if Trump is fit to lead.

But Biden can’t remember someone died last month and he just ‘forgot’, no biggie.

Hacks. Nothing but partisan hacks.

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