California apparently didn’t get the Biden Administration memo about the good news of falling gasoline prices. Here’s the price chart for my local gas station on Monday:

And here’s the same station today:

(Fortunately, I drive two diesel cars, which both get better mileage than equivalent gasoline cars.)

I asked the station manager about it, and he told me their wholesale supplier has hiked prices *four times* this week. I don’t know if there is a refinery down somewhere, but California’s unique gasoline requirements (California can’t import gasoline used in any other state—we insist on having our own bespoke gasoline blend for no good reason) is a prime culprit in the matter.

I recall once asking Arthur Laffer why California is governed so badly. His response: “That’s like asking why pretty girls are mean: because they can.” Of course, a lot of mean pretty girls age badly and become fat, ugly, and unmarried. Sort of like California government these days.

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