Not a Hurricane Ian dementia patient either, you’ll be relieved, but not be surprised, to find out.

‘Twas himself – the President of the United States.

OMG this is so bad.

I know that “cringe” in Merriam-Webster now has an illustration, and it’s not an abused animal. It’s a vacant-eyed geriatric in an electric blue suit with badly cut hair who is, by position, the most powerful man in the world. But increasingly resembles someone lurching through what’s left of his life without the nurse you’re sure is tasked to catch him when he stumbles, and gently pull him out of the room when it becomes embarrassing for the rest of the family. To America’s great detriment, the lack of a coherent leader is playing out on an international stage at the light-speed information travels today. In other words, there is no hiding this. Jill Biden, whatever her unholy pretensions, is no Edith Wilson.

Yesterday’s ghastly gaffe – asking for a dead Congresswoman he himself had eulogized 8 weeks earlier – at a White House hunger conference (story by John here) was merely the latest in an unending string of gaffes, missteps and frankly bemused moments that seem to be picking up speed and frequency.

The Boston Herald’s Howie Carr had a lucid run-down of the tangled tongue of regular Joe in his column yesterday, and reading it…man. It’s sad. Seeing it in print really brings home how horrifically garbled it is.

Dementia Joe Biden has heard the whispers about his, um, mental decline. But during an interview last week with state-run media, he assured a Democrat operative with a press pass that his “mental focus” is as acute as ever.

All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“It’s focused I say I think it’s I I haven’t look I have trouble even mentioning even saying to myself my own head the number of years. I no more think of myself as being as old as I am than fly. I mean it’s just not uh uh I haven’t observed anything in terms of there’s not things I don’t do now that I did before whether it’s physical or mental or anything else,” President Biden said.

… Last Friday, at the White House, he brought up the price of gasoline:

“In 41 states plus the District of Columbia, the average gasoline price is less than $2.99.”

Again, not even close. Not one state has prices under $3.

He also claimed that a bullet out of an AR-15 “travels five times as rapidly as a bullet shot out of any other gun.” Not true, but Brandon says he knows about firearms.

“I have two shotguns at home. It’s a long story but I know how to foze guns.”

He continually botches numbers, bragging about “62 million billion dollars.” Or recalling that “When I came to office we were facing a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic a hundred a million people died a million people.”

He mentions cutting the deficit “one trillion five hundred thousand.”

As for the American Rescue Plan, “a family of four saved two thousand four hundred thousand two thousand four hundred dollars.”

Speaking about gay singer Elton John, he said, “By the way, it’s all his fault that we’re spending $6 billion in taxpayers’ money to help AIDS fight HHIV AIDS.”

HHIV? Is that some new variant? And how exactly does AIDS fight AIDS

There’re already at least a hundred video compilations of Biden’s tongue-tied argle bargles. Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit routinely headlines Biden links with TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! It’s now a legit category tag. Better we laugh than cry, even as he and his enablers destroy the country.

Better we laugh than POUNCE, right?

Joe Biden’s latest gaffe plays right into Republicans’ hands

…The White House sought to play off the odd moment as nothing more than Walorski being “top of mind” for Biden.

“There will be a bill signing in her honor this coming Friday, so, of course, she was on his mind,” said White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. “She was top of mind for the President.”

Which, sure. Everyone make mistakes.

But that’s a pretty big mistake to make. And unfortunately for Biden, it plays into a caricature that Republicans – led by former President Donald Trump – have long been painting of him.

Ah. It’s just a “caricature,” this bumble-stumble, lost old dementia patient. If that’s not really him, Mr. Cillizza…bring the other guy out, for crying out loud! The country could use him about now!

For all the fuss and bother about Trump and cognitive tests, then the results of his cognitive tests not being the results they wanted, so the cognitive tests had to be wrong or fixed and ad nauseum goal-post sliding, no one on the Left has the courage to say a peep about this White House mushroom now. I’m pretty sure the reporter who gave the French Lady the business over her patently stupid answer is doing his time in the cooler.

The ranks are still closed. Cracking (Ed has a post on Trevor Noah going there), but closed.

Biden is clearly, clearly a barely functioning human, and this is not the job, time, nor place for him. But never, ever in the history of man did so mediocre, loathsome, and unsuitable an individual have such an iron-clad insurance policy in case they try to yank him out of his chair.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

Nobody wants that.

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