Ok, so this thread is from a rando and on top of that, he’s Canadian and as our readers know, we typically do not cover randos because they could be anyone saying silly stuff …

And well, Canada.


The response to this thread explaining how the government is not to blame for inflation is incredibly entertaining so you KNOW we have to share it.

You’re welcome.

Eh, #Greedflation doesn’t really work as well as #Bidenflation.

We know, it’s just the magical Inflation Fairy! Yeah, that’s it.

He continued:

Pushing for more government to help with inflation … alrighty then.

And aww yes, it’s all a plot by conservatives to get people to blame the government but clearly we need more regulation or something.

Hey, we said he’s from Canada.

He blames the government for not being more overreaching.


So things would be better inflation-wise if the government was more controlling.


Hey, at least he didn’t babble about MAGA, right?


Something like that.



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