The John Fetterman versus Dr. Oz Senate campaign in Pennsylvania has been … um… interesting. It recently became a little more hilarious. Dr. Oz commented on the way Fetterman dresses stating he wears the shorts and hoodies on purpose to make a statement.

‘He’s kicking authority in the balls. He’s saying, ‘I’m the man. I’ll show those guys who’s boss’. – Oz

Fetterman seemed to like that idea and decided to make a little Tik Tok about it and it went REALLY REALLY BAD.

Oh boy. Talk about getting kicked where it hurts. Even WE felt that pain.

If you are not familiar with the Fetterman pulling a gun on an innocent jogger story you can read about it here.

That was a popular response. Many people were just sitting there unable to describe how very awful it is.

This is a valid question. Do we know if DC is a dude? Does DC have balls to kick?

Politics is dirty and often stupid but this campaign, in particular, has been horrible, but it is still fun to point and laugh at it. Like when somebody falls down and you should check to see if they are ok but you just keep laughing and can’t stop. That is the Pennsylvania Senate campaign.

It seems like nobody can figure out how the Fetterman Camp took a possible blunder by Oz and made it into a bigger mess for his own campaign.

We just thought that one was funny. His legs are tiny compared to the rest of his body so we cackled and wanted you to share in the joy.

Many are feeling torn. The entire campaign has been a wreck but just like the ad, we keep coming back to watch it, because it is equally horrendous and fabulous.

We don’t really know how we got here or how we get out of it. HELP US. We just keep watching it over and over.

Angry Jimmy Fallon GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Find & Share on GIPHY

HA! We had to include this one. We love some hilariously bad photoshop, but this thing was beyond bad, and yes, still funny, but in a bad way.

Saying he wants to kick DC in the balls definitely seems ‘insurrection-y’  to us. It is at least a 7 on a scale of 1 – Jan. 6.

We can all be 100% positive this Senate campaign will give us a lot more to talk about. Sadly, it feels like no matter who wins this one, Pennsylvania is getting kicked in the balls. Sorry Pennsylvania, for your senate candidates and for assuming your gender.


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