Back when the price of gas finally started to drop the White House retweeter-in-chief Ron Klain had his hands full forwarding brags about how President Biden was bringing down fuel prices (after the increase was blamed on Putin and Big Oil greed). Well, the price of gas is on the rise again so there’s radio silence from the White House on that issue at the moment, which brings us to the stock market. More boasting about how well the market was doing in spite of Trump’s previous warning has been spotted, and that too is aging badly:

There’s the “how it started,” and now compare it to the “how it’s going” portion of the story:

Is everybody impressed by all this “Building Back Better” that’s been done on Biden’s watch?

Imagine how bad the economy would be if Biden and the Democrats had gotten all most of them wanted.

Maybe Biden and the Dems should rally the stock market with a “Stock Market Rally Act,” which would have as positive an impact as the “Inflation Reduction Act” did in reducing inflation.




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