We are SO thankful that Hollywood has finally stopped their bigotry and made a few movies with LGBTQ+ representation. But the film industry has a long, long way to go if it’s going to undo decades of cis-heteronormativity! Here are several classic moves that DESPERATELY need a reboot with better LGBTQ+ representation!

  1. Top Gun – the football scene in Maverick was a HUGE step backwards for LGBTQ+ voices. More volleyball and more body oil please!!!
  2. Braveheart – a movie supposedly about bravery and nobody comes out? Ridiculous.
  3. Saving Private Ryan – can we please just stop with the idea that Private Ryan needs saving? There’s a little Private Ryan in all of us, and he just needs to hear he’s perfect like he is!
  4. 12 Angry Men – ooo talk about some real tension in the jury room!
  5. Brokeback Mountain – so ignorant assuming two cowboys who ride off together must be gay, not even considering that one might identify as a woman! Get with the 21st century, Brokeback.
  6. Roots – how can you even talk about slavery without addressing those enslaved to heteronormativity?
  7. It’s A Wonderful Life – oh it will be wonderful alright, when George Bailey abandons his family to live his truth! Slayyy!
  8. Avengers: Endgame – ughh they made Hawkeye so lame. Do better, Marvel!
  9. SAW – far too long have horror movies perpetuated the myth that deranged serial killers are all cisgender, heterosexual males.
  10. Ken Burn’s Civil War documentary – get ready for a FABULOUS battle between the blue and gay!

It’s not much, but it’s a start, Hollywood!

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