On Friday, Kamala Harris said that government resources after Hurrican Ian will be allocated according to the dictates of critical race disaster relief theory.

in between cackles and nonsese words, Kammy said the administrion would be “giving resources based on equity, understanding that we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equity, understanding not everyone starts out at the same place.”

On Sunday Biden’s FEMA chief was asked about this racial preference system on Face The Nation.

She paid a lot of lib lip service to Kamala’s dumb idea, but eventually the brass tack was, “We are going to provide assistance to all Floridians because we know that there are people that are just completely devastated from this storm. We are going to be there to support everybody that needs help.”

And when Brennan asked point blank about skin color being a factor in getting relief, and Criswell tried to spin Kamala’s comments again before repeating that she committed to Gov. DeSantis that ALL Floridians are going to get help.

Brennan didn’t make her say DESPITE or WITHOUT REGARD TO race. But that’s what she was saying.

Most of the time I would call that straight up b.s. and say they were going to do the critical race allocation anyway, but this is Ron DeSantis’s Florida. Ain’t no way Kamala’s plans get past him.

Speaking of which, they called Harris out too, on Friday.

Yeah, not happening on THIS governor’s watch, Kammy. Go cackle your racial profiling somewhere else.

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