The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak has done some fantastic investigative reporting about systematic coverups of the sexual abuse of children. And today, he’s out with a new disturbing scoop:

More from Rosiak:

The Pride Liberation Project, which also says it can give money to students who run away and hide from their parents, garnered glowing headlines September 27 when it organized 12,000 high schoolers to walk out of class to protest a draft policy saying that schools should not hide a student’s gender transition from his parents. Though billed as being an organic group of high schoolers, taking the lead in the materials was Aaryan Rawal, a college student who worked for a Virginia Democrat state lawmaker.

But materials from the group’s internal message board show that its plans go much further than a walkout. A “#resources-for-outed-students” channel, created by Rawal, said the group would help children run away from their parents and arrange for them to be placed with new “Queer friendly” guardians.

It also promised to falsify documentation to hide a minor’s activities from their parents. A section titled “Covers/Alibi” said “If you attend an event or protest, we can work with you to craft a valid, non-Queer reason for you to have been there. Sometimes this may be a bit challenging, but we can use official sounding non-Queer related email addresses, email addresses from prestigious universities, and other resources.”

There are too many red flags here to even try to count.

We don’t know about you guys, but we wouldn’t trust the Pride Liberation Project with our kids — or any kids.

Nothing good. That’s for damn sure.

At best. At worst:

Good Lord.

It’s (D)eranged.


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