(NOTE: I read The New York Times Opinion section so that others don’t have to. While I could write so[mething every day that mocks the lunacy there, I decided to just highlight a few of them once a week. I’ll also offer one from The Washington Post so they don’t feel left out. I provide the actual headline from the op-ed and go from there. Enjoy.)

There have been a lot of columns about mental health in both the Times and WaPo Opinion sections these last couple of weeks. I’m not gonna lie, kids, that’s a target-rich environment for mockery. I will occasionally remain above the fray, however.

I can’t promise anything if they keep it up though.

We begin the examination of last week’s op-eds with a theme.

1: The Supreme Court Isn’t Listening, and It’s No Secret Why

Forget writing about mental health issues, The New York Times Editorial Board is always willing to give us glimpses into theirs via Opinion pieces like this.

I’ll offer one little kernel of concussed thought from this article:

But in the bigger picture, the court nearly always hews close to where the majority of the American people are. If it does diverge, it should take care to do so in a way that doesn’t appear partisan. That is the basis of the trust given to the court by the public.

That’s utter garbage. What they mean is that they believe the Court is in sync with the American people when it passes down rulings that are leftist-friendly. Oddly, that’s usually when it is most out of sync with the people.

Let’s take same-sex marriage as an example. Before the Court stepped in, same-sex initiatives were being voted down in state after state. Heck, California passed a same-sex marriage ban in 2008. The Obergefell v. Hodges decision was essentially a huge Judiciary Branch middle finger to the vox populi.

It’s no secret that the Democrat-appointed justices are the real activists on the Court. Detached jurisprudence from a liberal SCOTUS justice died with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

2: The Supreme Court Is Broken. Where’s Biden?

This guest essay does double duty, keeping two leftist media false narratives going: the Supreme Court is broken (see above), and Joe Biden is competent.

Somebody please make the stupid stop.

This entire piece is an exercise in creative fiction writing that stands out even in a news organization that specializes in making things up. The author keeps referencing Biden’s Philadelphia speech at the beginning of September, which almost everyone on both sides of the aisle who doesn’t live in a coastal media bubble agrees was a toxic and divisive disaster.

If you’re wondering just how deep into the Ayahuasca trance this author is, check this out:

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Mr. Biden’s ambitious agenda invited comparisons to that of F.D.R., and he leaned into the analogy, citing Roosevelt as proof that “we can restore our soul and save our country.” That analogy has worn rather poorly, but Mr. Biden would do well to emulate the clarity and energy that Roosevelt brought to the issues of the court and the Constitution.

My cynicism is wrapped in skepticism and then given a hard outer shell of even more cynicism. My kindest assessments of modern Democrats are awash in harshness. I know that the Dems had to create a “Story of Biden” in 2020 but I still can’t imagine that any of them believed it. This author is a historian, there’s no way he actually swallowed the “Biden as FDR” crap, is there?

The irrevocably broken SCOTUS pitch is falling on more deaf ears than the ivory tower media Dems can possibly imagine. It’s a tantrum and everyone knows it. If Granny Maojackets had won in 2016 and filled the court vacancies with a bunch of transgender pole dancers from the Southern Poverty Law Center, the left media’s orgiastic cries of ecstasy would be heard throughout the continental United States.

3: Is Liberal Democracy Dying?

There is a lot of subtext in this one.

Democrats are shaken to their rotten little cores by a rightward tilt in European politics in recent years. After all, one of their go-to laments for decades has been “Why can’t we be more like Europe?” It’s served as a convenient deflection, helping them get out of situations where they might have to defend looney bin domestic policy.

The author cites India, the Philippines, and El Salvador as being problematic too, but this is really all about being triggered by a smiling, young Italian woman who refuses to pretend that there are 96 genders.

It’s the feel-good hit of the year so far.

PostScript: Republicans don’t own ‘patriotism’

This is from MSNBC asylum inmate Jonathan Capehart.

Hey, I’m generous enough to say that Democrats can be patriotic too.

To Cuba.

It’s going to be a wild ride this next month. Thanks for hanging out.

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