The two migrant planes sent to the sanctuary haven of Martha’s Vineyard with the financial support of Governor Ron DeSantis last month created quite a buzz. The story completely exposed the hypocrisy of limousine liberals who preach inclusivity and tolerance for open borders. As soon as 50 illegal migrants arrived on the luxury island, their attitudes changed. In just a matter of hours, the migrants were bused off to Cape Cod.

That’s right. The wealthy White people didn’t really have any room on the island known as a vacation paradise for other wealthy people. It’s the off-season, though, and there are plenty of empty rooms available but, never mind. The brown people were sent to a military facility on Cape Cod. The governor (a Republican) called up the National Guard to handle the transfer. Imagine all of this from the viewpoint of the migrants. They are Venezuelans. Venezuela is a socialist hell hole now, thanks to a brutal dictator. His authoritarian governance has caused financial collapse and human suffering. Everything is under government control. That is why the people are fleeing.

So, they arrived in Texas and broke American law by entering the country without documentation. After being detained by Border Patrol, they were released and allowed to remain in our country until their asylum cases are completely processed. When they were released, they were offered free transportation to the northeast. They took it. And, the next thing they knew, they were being sent off to a military facility to be held there until further notice. They probably thought it all felt a little too much like Venezuela.

Who was behind the Venezuelans getting on those two planes? It was quickly disclosed that Governor DeSantis and the State of Florida paid for the flights. Governor Abbott said he had nothing to do with the whole thing. Someone had to find willing participants and coordinate the trip, right? It is being reported today that it is a woman named Perla. The reporting says Perla H. Huerta, a former combat medic and U.S. Army counterintelligence agent living in Tampa, is the person who “lured” the migrants to accept the flights to Martha’s Vineyard.

The New York Times reported late Sunday that a Venezuelan migrant who was working with Huerta to recruit migrants confirmed her identity, and a migrant in San Antonio whom Huerta had unsuccessfully sought to sign up identified a photo of her.

CNN reported that a friend of Huerta confirmed her identity in a photo provided by a migrant. Pictures have been circulating of the woman — until now known simply as “Perla” — after she allegedly recruited many of the 48 Venezuelan migrants outside a city-operated shelter in downtown San Antonio and moved them at a La Quinta Inn, before they were flown to the upscale Massachusetts island at the expense of Florida taxpayers.

The San Antonio Express-News, citing unnamed sources, reported Monday that the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, which includes San Antonio, considers Huerta, 43, a “person of interest” in its criminal investigation into the incident.

Sheriff’s office spokesman Johnny Garcia said in a statement Monday the office had not confirmed or identified any persons of interest in the ongoing investigation. Asked about Huerta, Garcia had told the Express-News, “We are not publicly identifying anybody.”

The Associated Press tried numerous phone numbers and emails for potential matches for Perla H. Huerta or possible relatives, and got no answer or the lines were disconnected.

With these outlets on the story, rest assured the conclusion will be that the migrants were tricked into going to the northeastern United States. Somehow it will be spun that they took Perla up on whatever she was offering to “lure” them – maybe with McDonald’s gift cards. That is what the sheriff of Bexar County, Texas (a politically active Democrat) is investigating. For some, it’s all about election year politics. Republican governors are calling the bluff of elected officials in sanctuary cities and sending migrants to them in order to relieve the overcrowded southern border. Why should border communities be saddled with the expense of caring for hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants each year of the Biden administration?

As I mentioned above, look for this story to develop into a jab at DeSantis and deceiving the migrants.

A woman named “Perla” offered clothes, food and money to one migrant who had been living on the streets of San Antonio, Texas, in exchange for finding other people who would go on a flight to Massachusetts, the migrant told CNN. The recruiter was unaware of any deception and later felt betrayed by “Perla,” he told CNN.

An Army spokesperson confirmed that someone with Perla’s name did leave the military in August. That person did serve as a combat medic and worked in counterintelligence. She was a master sergeant.

Governor DeSantis has not released any details about the contractors he said he used in transporting the migrants.

CBS Boston is reporting that the migrants will be leaving Joint Base Cape Cod before the end of October. No other information is being released at this time.

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